Master Plan

The Awka Millennium City (AMC) is strategically located in the Awka municipality within the environ of the new Government State House and Secretariat Complex .This fully equipped Millennium city is thoughtfully designed with an array of amenities ranging from a proper drainage system to pedestrian friendly sidewalks. It has a commercial area, located within walking distance of the homes.

AMC is an iconic residential neighborhood offering:
  • Gated and secure community
  • Constant power and water supply
  • Modern access control and surveillance cameras
  • Road and drainage networks
  • Recreational amenities and parks
  • Commercial areas

Residential Plots

  • Very low density residential area
  • Low density residential area
  • Medium density residential area

Very Low Density Residential Area

An enclave of a limited number of exclusive premium mansion plots starting from 2000sqm. With its own dedicated access control and ornamental garden areas, this enclave will provide an ultra luxury serene living experience for its residence.

Low Density Residential Area

The residential plots available in the low density residential area of the community constitutes premium 1000sqm plots. This plots will be allocated solely for the purpose of accommodating single family homes. This plots will also be referred to as Villa Plots.

Medium Density Residential Area

This area of the residential community boasts of 500sqm plots which are solely for accommodating single family homes. These plots are referred to as Standard Plots.

High Density Residential Area

This area of the residential community consists of multi-level housing developments such as apartment buildings and condos.

Commercial / Institutional Plots

The Commercial area of the community will be located outside the residential area towards the estate entrance, ensuring the serenity of the residential community is maintained, while still being accessible to non-residents.

The commercial area will consist of :
  • Leisure
  • Shopping
  • Health facilities
  • Educational facilities
  • Religious facilities

Millennium Park

AMC will boast a Millennium Park which will consist of various recreational facilities such as playgrounds, picnic areas, etc. It will also serve as an event center where residents can host external guests for various functions. There will be a jogging track surrounding the Millennium Park which will also serve as a platform for morning exercises, walking pets, etc.

Utility Area

The utility area of Awka Millennium City would consist of the bulk infrastructures such as:
  • Water pump station, reservoirs and tanks
  • Power supply
  • Industrial borehole & water treatment


The community will be adequately serviced by a well planned road network, which will comprise :
  • Sub Arterial roads: access link road from main highway
  • Residential distribution road networks
  • Residential Access Road Networks
  • Residential close Road networks
  • Pedestrian walkways etc.
  • Street lights
  • Storm water drainage

These various road networks will ensure well structured and organized traffic flow movement within the community.



As a supplement to the provision of serviced plots, M-P Infrastructure will also provide the option of constructing residential buildings for potential clients/residents who are interested. We will be providing these services under the following categories/specifications.

  • 3-Bedroom Apartments & Maisonettes.
  • 3-Bedroom Terraces & Maisonettes.
  • 4-Bedroom Detached Duplex (500sqm plot).
  • 5-Bedroom Detached Duplex (1000sqm plot).

The images below are the architectural designs of the buildings that will be made available for construction.

3-Bedroom Apartments & Maisonettes

3-Bedroom Terraces & Maisonettes.

Four Bedroom Detached Duplex


5-Bedroom Detached Duplex